Since 4:00 am

I am currently sitting in a rehearsal room watching my friend’s acapella group. Their name is choral pleasure also. They are fucking amazing and it’s not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night. I took a six hour bus from Boston to White Plains and BOY what a bus ride it was. The morning began at 4:00 am. I’m going to repeat that. 4:00 am. At the station I was confused about where the gate was and luckily found it without looking too much like a noob. While waiting in line an older man fell difectly backwards which was pretty terrifying, the bus driver yelled at two boys two minutes into the trip and at Mohegan sun (which by the way is a TERRIFYING looking place and it most definitely is not real and oxygen is pumped in) he got into a fight with someone off the bus. DRAMMAAA. I’ve had a pretty raw sore throats today but nothing that emergen C and DayQuil can’t help (also two grande iced chai lattes and sushi). I got to sit in on a seminar class and listen to some extremely talented folks (one of which made a song get stuck in my head). Hopefully I feel less like I’m swallowing fingernails tomorrow because tomorrow I’m seeing Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in the big apple. Life is good good good.


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