I have always had fairly good skin (buckle your seatbelts ladies and gents for the most controversial, taboo post I’ve made yet!!) but recently, due to the grime of the city or maybe just my own personal grime, it has straight up sucked. Sucked. It has this gray tint that resembles Dobby from Harry Potter, and I always ALWAYS have a blemish somewhere. Blemish is the cute way of saying “I have a crater growing on the crevice between my lips and my chin thanks so much for asking!!” I wear makeup daily which is something I hate doing but I also would rather not look like I’m wearing stage makeup to play the ghost of Christmas past in a low-budget production of “A Christmas Carol.”

My skin routine goes as follows:

  • I wake up and cleanse my skin with this mario bedescau (spelling) stuff and then sometimes use toner.
  • I moisturize in some way or another
  • Beat my face (you can look up the Urban dictionary definition of this if you are so implied)

I am really over with this whole dull, gray, old man skin so I decided to do something about it. What is my idea of a solution?? Buying a buttload of products. Today I was on the usual bus I go on to the end of Newbury street but the bus driver decided to SKIP that stop for kicks and giggles and I ended up in Harvard Square…a little out of my way. While I was in Cambridge I decided to get an exfoliator from LUSH. I have a lot of respect for the way LUSH runs their company and give them major props for everything they do. I spoke to a sweet saleswoman and she hooked me up with a bomb ass exfoliator for the face and body called Ocean Salt. She tested it on my hand and rinsed it off in this little sink and I felt like a queen so I bought it.

I will keep you all updated on my skin. (I’m sorry about this post)


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