Full time full lox

When I decided I wanted to work full time I did it because I didn’t want to just be sitting around. I wanted down time to be earned, and I wanted a constant schedule. I wasn’t even really thinking about the money. The thing is. Now that I’m working forty hours a week I most definitely am thinking about the money. I have worked almost every day this week, all 8 hour shifts and all closing shifts. The thing about closing is that it is the only thing hanging over your head even at 8:30 in the morning. As you’re cutting tomatoes and spreading cream cheese, all you can think about is the abundance of tasks that lay ahead of you. This week I have Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday off because I’m going to New York. I could not be more excited for this hiatus from coffee grounds, veggie tofu cream cheese and god damn parfaits.

I do like this whole staying busy deal. I feel productive, I feel like an adult, and I most definitely do NOT feel guilty about sleeping all day on a rainy Sunday.

Also I don’t have to set my alarm tomorrow and that’s a beautiful thing.


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